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Work Request Center at UGA

Probable Cost Assessment

Request a cost assessment and review of your next FMD work request or renovation project. 

Request an Estimate
Request a probable cost assessment for campus facilities work.

Project Information

FMD shops are scheduling for Spring/Summer 2020.
If your project needs design, expect up to 90 days of design time after project acceptance before construction can start.

Funding Information

A chart string or speed type is required for all reviews.
Your account will not be charged for project review or cost assessment.

Our in-house expert team of work coordinators, cost estimators, designers, engineers, contract specialists, and project managers are ready to help you with every step of your campus project.

Step 1

Contact Us

Submit a request for cost assessment.

After you submit your request, a Work Request Center (WRC) staff member will contact you via email to start your process.

Step 2


Your WRC staff member will contact you to gather additional needs and assign your request to an FMD shop for cost assessment. 

You are returned a cost assessment. 
Fund that assessment to move forward.

Step 3


Funded projects go to the Weekly Induction Board (WIB) for assignment to a FMD project team or shop contact for closer review.

You will be assigned a work order number, FMD shop contact or Project Manager. 

Step 4


Expect no less than 120 days to start construction after Project Management or Shop Assignment on large  FMD projects.

For large projects and all renovations: project scheduling  is done with you by your Project Manager or shop contact. 

We're Here To Serve You

All Maintenance, Renovation or New Construction work at UGA facilities or on grounds must be performed by FMD employees.  Only University approved contractors or vendors can perform work under the direction and supervision of FMD employees.

Facilities projects should align with Institutional as well as University System of Georgia (USG) strategic goals and objectives.


Talk to a Work Request Center representative: Monday - Friday, 7:30 AM to 5 PM.
(706) 542-7456

The FMD General Fund is for maintenance and general upkeep of existing non-auxiliary resident instruction facilities, including:

  • Cleaning, maintenance and mechanical operation of academic buildings
  • Campus groundskeeping & landscaping
  • Energy Services managing campus utility usage (electric, gas, water, and sewer)
  • Exterior campus lighting and utility distribution systems (except telephone and data)
  • Physical Plant generating steam, managing chilled water supply

Additional FMD Services: construction project management, engineering services, and equipment monitoring.

Additional billable FMD Services: renovations, cabinet construction, carpentry, painting, electrical work, plumbing, equipment installation, moving and event services.

Policy Library

UGA’s Finance & Administration Policy Library provides clear and concise operating policies and procedures. This online policy library is provided to serve as the principal resource of documentation for these business and administrative support services of the University.