Requesting facilities work shouldn't be work.

What are we doing?

UGA’s Work Request Center, in partnership with Facilities Management I.T., is working to bring a user-friendly work request and work order experience to the entire campus.

Our goal is to make the communication and business processes easier during the entire life-cycle of a facility work request for every UGA employee.

Introducing ReADY Request

ReADY Request connects the requester, the facilities department, and the technicians in the field for each service request. The solution creates clarity and enables near real-time communication, so everyone remains in the loop as work is planned, scheduled, and executed.

Who will use ReADY Request?

Every full-time UGA employee will use ReADY when they are working with or for the Facilities Management Division. ReADY is an intuitive interface that reduces confusion and frustration for all UGA stakeholders. With ReADY Request, they can easily find, submit, and track the progress of their requests.

Coming Summer 2020

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